8 Reasons Why You’re The Best Mom Ever

Our society has done a  great disservice to mom’s everywhere. It has caused hard working mothers everywhere to feel like failures. Society has told us this huge lie about what it means to be a good mom. Because of this, our expectations are now so far out of the realm of reality that we feel like failures for falling short of perfection. This is not okay! Perfection is not an achievable goal. Lots of things make us good moms and none of them include having a stress-free, perfect day.  Here are eight  reasons why you’re the best mom ever.

You’re never in the bathroom by yourself. 

You are such a selfless mother that even you even share your bathroom time with your children. You sit to pee while also addressing life’s biggest questions, offering advice and answering super important questions like “Can you make me a snack?” Every morning you get ready with tiny hands in your make up drawers, little faces against the shower door and of course, the famous head tilt as you try to get dressed before a child comments on your naked body.

Your purse has more toys in it, than money.

This one is a harsh reality us moms face each day. We shuffle through our purses trying  desperately to find our wallets in a mess of hot wheels, goldfish and obnoxious baby remotes singing at random. Before children your purse was filled with Starbucks cards, cash and makeup, but now you’re lucky to find your clear lip gloss in the chaotic jungle of baby stuff at the bottom of your bag.  This makes you a good mother, end of story.

You drive a mini van.

I know how it started, I’ve been there. One minute you’re thinking how dorky it would be to own a mini-van, and the next you’re driving your comfort-mobile home from the dealership wondering what just happened. Oh, I’ll tell you what happened. You sat down in a comfortable seat where your kids could fit their backpacks with ease. You pressed the automatic door button and imagined your child hopping out of the car at school, while you sit cozily in the driver’s seat sipping your coffee and setting it back down gently in one of dozens of cup holders nearby. Years ago I sat shotgun next my hubby in his red Mustang GT, but now all these years later I drive a mini-van full of kids, toys, strollers and endless cup holders. I love my mini-van and I don’t care who knows it.

You’re the last one to eat dinner.

Dinner time has arrived and you serve your family the somewhat home cooked meal you made for them. You finally sit down after making sure everyone has drinks, utensils and napkins. You politely ignore all the “I didn’t want this” comments and proceed to take your first bite. Suddenly, you realize you forgot salt and pepper so you get back up. Then your baby throws her entire meal on the floor, so naturally you rush to clean it up before the dog eats it. Then your son asks for juice instead of water, so once again you head to the fridge. By this time your family is done eating and ready for dessert, so you shovel in a few bites and pretend you’re full.

I’ve learned that instead of resenting the fact that I worked hard to cook a meal I barely had time to eat, I just decide to feel good about myself. I rest comfortably in the thought that I put my families needs ahead of my own, and for that I will be proud. Repeat after me: you are a selfless, loving mother who cares more about her family that her own needs – even if you’re starving.  (Before my husband get’s defensive, I should note that this is slightly exaggerated, slightly.)

You re-heat your coffee continually throughout the day.

Good morning my dark little friend, I whisper to my coffee in the wee hours of the morning before school. The aroma is soothing to me as I beg my child to put his pants on (for the third time) before we leave. I take a sip only to realize that it’s time to load up the car. Luckily I have a wonderful travel mug that I pour my cup into and head out the door. “Don’t forget your lunch!”, I yell as we hop in the mini-van and head to school. I reach for my coffee, ready to enjoy my vanilla infused cup of heaven, when suddenly I realize that my coffee is sadly sitting in the laundry room.

At home I re-heat it, but end up getting distracted by laundry or the baby trying to eat out of the dog dish so I eventually just give up and add ice. Cheers to being a mom who cares more about her kids being on time, than our favorite cup of joe.

Your kids talk to you – constantly.

Remember when your kids were babies and you couldn’t wait for the day they could say more than just “Mama.” I do too, but now I am in a world of constant conversation. I hear endless “why” questions, stories about cartoons and scary phrases like “Mom, watch this.” I’m not saying I don’t love hearing my children tell me things, but shouldn’t I get some credit for answering life’s most important questions at 10 pm? Shouldn’t I get credit for hearing the word poop sixteen times a day? I’ve decided that I should get credit and you should too! We love hearing our children talk to us, but listening as much as we listen makes us darn good moms.

You’ve seen Frozen more than once.

If only I could get that damn song out of my head all these years later. That movie has appealed to girls and boys of all ages for many reasons. It’s funny, touching and very easy to watch – the first time. After watching it multiple times though, you start to wish Elsa and Anna would be frozen in a block of ice for a little while, just until you can stop singing “Let it go” in the shower. Still, you continue to put on a happy face and push play for the umpteenth time. For this reason alone, you are the best mom ever.


You’re welcome.

And last but not least, you are the best mom ever because:

You love your kids with all your heart and soul.

There are many kinds of moms, all with different strengths and weaknesses. Some never raise their voice, some yell a little bit. Some are always on time, some are constantly running late. Some cook organic meals, some think McDonald’s is organic enough. The important thing is that all of these mothers share a common trait – we love our kids. When you constantly keep going after a hard day, you are a good mom. When you continue to love, encourage, comfort and nurture your kids with all your heart, even when you’re exhausted – you are not only a good mom, you’re the best mom ever.

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