6 Tips For An Easier School Morning Routine

This year has been difficult on so many levels. For one, I have three kids so obviously life is already a bit hectic. Also, we attend an early start school so my day starts bright and early. My alarm goes off at 6:30 am sharp as I jump into mommy mode trying to get kids ready for school. Coffee is a life saver of course, but I’ve learned a few other tricks to help me along the waySo here are 6 tips for an easier morning before school.

Make Lunches the Night Before

This helps me so much in the morning. Right before we leave all I have to do is throw the already assembled lunches into lunchboxes, that’s it. I would not want to be making breakfast and assembling lunches early in the morning, my mind is not awake yet – my kids would end up with coffee in their lunch! It saves so much time and energy when it’s already done, I even pack my husband’s lunch for work the night before. (Yes, I’m an awesome wife, thanks for noticing.)


Lay out Outfits 

One tip that ends up saving me a lot of time in the morning, is setting out the kid’s outfits the night before. I check the weather and plan accordingly. It’s so much easier than trying to find a certain shirt or looking for matching socks before I’ve had my morning coffee. I went and bought cheap plastic bins and wrote each child’s name on it. Every morning they grab their bin, get dressed and they’re ready to go.


Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Don’t wake up twenty minutes before school starts and wonder why you’re always late. If you can, wake up before the kids get up and get dressed, then wake up the kids and start making breakfast. It saves on time if you’re already ready to go. I also find it helpful to set alarms for everything. My alarm goes off to wake me up, it goes off when it’s time to get in the car and I even set it for when it’s time to pick up the kids from school. Reminders are always a good thing and boy do I love my planner for remembering things like doctors appointments or school events.


Plan an Easy Breakfast

Make healthy muffins for the week (link below), make ahead breakfast burritos or just decide on something quick and easy. Cereal, frozen waffles and granola bars are good options since they are quick and convenient. I also love to make ahead hard boiled eggs so I can put one on their breakfast plate for extra protein.

Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffin Recipe

Set Everything by the Door

Backpacks, shoes and jackets will be much easier to find if you have a designated place to put them when you get home from school. I suggest a hook or a cubby to have near the front door or garage door with everything organized. Trust me it saves a lot of time looking for shoes or trying to find the right jacket in the morning.


Try a Reward Chart

I have been known to use reward charts to target just about every type of behavior. From potty training charts to bedtime charts, I find that reward charts are super helpful. Start with a behavior you’d like to improve on – in this case it would be getting ready for school. Each time they complete a task they get a sticker or a star, when the chart is full reward them with a special treat. Movie nights, trips to get ice cream and extra computer time are popular rewards in our house.


I hope these tips help you and from one not so morning person to another – good luck!


4 thoughts on “6 Tips For An Easier School Morning Routine

  1. Cheryl says:

    Great tips! They are very helpful!
    I set out clothes the night before, too, but your husband never liked what I chose, so he picked out his own! His kindergarten teacher said to me, “You let him choose his own clothes, don’t you?” I told her I do, and we both laughed! Who was I to stifle his creativity?! Ha!

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