Why Mother’s Day Should Be Celebrated Every Day

This morning I woke up at 6 a.m. and got dressed. I sweetly nudged my kids awake, only to immediately got shooed away as they clung to their beds for “just a few more minutes.”  I made three different breakfasts and had two cups of coffee before 9 am. After I dropped my son off at school, I tackled the dirty sink full of breakfast dishes and dirty bottles. I answered countless questions about animals, weather and television shows. I fed dogs, scrubbed toilets, folded laundry, cleaned up cat puke and wiped off sticky door knobs.

I  will drive to two different schools four times today. I will strap my daughter in and out of her car seat eight times. I will grocery shop, make dinner, pack lunches and change countless diapers. I will take care of my family today. I am a mother.

Motherhood is challenging, wonderful and chaotic all at the same time. It’s messy and beautiful. It’s the most important job in the world. Some people may not agree with that statement, but I firmly believe that raising the next generation is a job that should be respected and valued. In honor of Mother’s Day yesterday, here are the top ten reasons I think we should celebrate Mother’s Day every day.

We never sit down.

It’s true, we are either chasing kids, cleaning up, driving kids around or making more coffee. If your picture of a mother is of a woman quietly sitting down relaxing – you’ve been severely mislead. We don’t sit down, we just dream about it.

We worry constantly – about everything.

Will our children be safe, happy, well fed and kind? Will they get hurt? Will they remember to wear sunscreen? What if I damage them somehow and cause them to be horrible people someday? It will be all my fault! Yes – our brains worry like that and it’s exhausting.

We have to pee in front of tiny humans.

There is something about a mother going to the bathroom that makes her children want to rush in, open the door and ask super important questions, like “Mommy, can I have a cookie?”

We feel guilty about everything.

We always feel guilty about our parental failures. Like the other day, when I swatted an ant off my hand – accidentally knocking over my daughter (who was holding the same hand) causing her to fall on her bottom in the process, oops. (I really hate bugs!)

We have to schedule “me time” or it will never happen.

Taking a bath now has to be scheduled or you will end up with three tiny people splashing water while standing next to the tub, asking what you’re doing, when you’ll be done and if they can have a snack…

We take care of the “icky” stuff.

Changing diapers is one thing, especially when you have to clean up a dreaded blow out, but every mothers worst fear is drum roll please…. the stomach flu. Bedding gets washed multiple times, every one smells like vomit and your sweet little babies are so miserable it physically hurts your heart.

Our free time now involves parks, libraries and our children’s latest hobbies. 

We now have to remind ourselves to pursue hobbies and interests, because we tend to focus more on keeping our kids happy, busy and  entertained.

We have to now say things like “pre-baby body” and “potty time”.

This reason alone should entitle us to roses every single day for the rest of our lives. End of story.

We put our families needs before our own.

Sometimes as mothers we literally put our children’s needs ahead of our own. Ever been in the middle of something important and your child has to “go potty”? Yup, you drop everything and run like the wind. Ever gotten a call from your child’s school that your child is sick or hurt? I don’t think I’ve ever jumped in my car that fast – I resembled the Flash. Our kids come first, it’s just what happens.

We love our children with every fiber of our beings.

The number one reason why Mother’s Day should be everyday is because it is every day. Every day we decide to keep on trying to be better. We keep wiping tiny noses, cleaning sticky messes, changing stinky diapers and molding little people without giving up. We do this because of one simple reason – love. We love our children with every part of our being. They touch a part of our hearts that we never knew existed. Once that little baby is placed in our arms, something changes inside of us forever. We are never the same and our ability to love unconditionally is now some sort of super power.  Love becomes a noun, a verb and a reason to keep doing the hard stuff – no matter what. We are mothers.

Whether you’re a new mother, seasoned mother, expecting mother, grieving mother or yearning to be a mother – know that you are valued and appreciated, even if there is only one day a year that it’s said. Remember to celebrate every day with your children, because it goes by all too fast.





One thought on “Why Mother’s Day Should Be Celebrated Every Day

  1. Cheryl says:

    Yes, it does go by too quickly. The kids will remember how much time you spent with them, and your loving ways forever.

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