4 Things Parents Should Be Warned About, But Aren’t

When I became a parent, I was thrown into an unfamiliar world of spit up, diapers, medical bills and sleepless nights. Fortunately, I was somewhat prepared for all of that. People warn you about those things. “You will never sleep again,” and “Babies are expensive,” were the kind of comments I was told during my first pregnancy. What I wasn’t prepared for though – was certain things along the way that I felt people should’ve warned me about. Here are the top four things that I was not prepared for at all as a parent. Now you’ve all been warned properly, you’re welcome.

The Shots








Honestly, I wish I had known about the awful event that takes place at the pediatrician almost every time we go. My kids always have reactions afterwards making it not only a rough day, but a rough week. They get super fussy, mild fevers and just seem miserable. Not to mention the actual shot experience. My baby looks up at me, crying and saying “Owwie” while I try to hold it together and not burst into tears. I’m quite certain she is mouthing “traitor” to me as the needle goes in her precious little chubby thigh. The worst by far was my son’s four year old boosters. I won’t go into the whole wretched experience, but let’s just say we ALL left in tears.










Before I had kids, I was tricked into believing that bedtime only happened once a night. Television shows and movies lead us to believe this from a young age. As little girls we go and tuck in our baby dolls and then leave the room. Hahaha! This is not accurate at all. Where is the depiction of bedtime that shows the mom reading stories, tucking their kids into their beds, then going back in 48 times for requests for sips of water, potty breaks, extra stories, and questions about the meaning of life?  I love my children, but sleep is a necessity. I need it to live y’all! Those nights when our children wake up at different times, multiple times a night leave us mom’s so tired the next day we are just basically sleep walking with coffee in hand. Oh, coffee, how I love thee. 

The Attitudes











We all dread the teenage years, when our sweet, baby-talking children will turn into eye rolling, sass mouthed teens. But, what about when your five year old tells you to “go away” or “leave them alone?” That was not something I was at all prepared for.  “Good morning,” I sweetly nudge my son to wake up for school. only to have him yell at me like I’m the most annoying creature to ever walk the face of the earth. “Why would you wake me up in the middle of a dream!” Suddenly your baby who just learned to say the sweetest word in the world (“Mama”) is now a grumpy toddler who is angrily demanding a snack forty seconds after dinner.  Trust me the the attitude starts much earlier than we were ever warned about, much earlier.

The Soul Changing Love








Before I had my first child, I had no idea how much love my heart could hold. I love my husband with all my heart, of course. I love my family and friends as well, but this is a different kind of love.  This is an unconditional love that changes your heart forever. From the moment they place that little tiny shivering baby on your chest – your soul is now not complete without this precious life. Every moment is  suddenly magical. You no longer have a thought without considering your child.

The blow outs, the sleepless nights, the attitudes, the endless struggles are all nothing in comparison to the amount of love you feel for your children. I can’t picture my life without my kids – and if all of that hard stuff is part of having them, then bring on the rain.


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  1. Lexie says:

    Shots are the worst! (Well, tied with teething in our house right now) These are definitely the ones that hit you hard out of nowhere! Thanks for sharing.

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