Letter to a Brand New Mom

brand new mom

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Dear Brand New Mommy,


Welcome to the mom club. As you’ll soon find out, motherhood is full of ups and downs. Tears, tantrums, sleep deprivation, and diapers will all become your new normal. Your job title will soon include cook, maid, milk producer, and cry identifier. Motherhood will give you skills you never knew you needed to survive the hectic days. Soon you’ll be able to change a diaper in twelve seconds flat, buckle a car seat with one hand, and calm a crying baby with ease. Your training begins now.

Motherhood is hard.

You may wonder how in the world you will ever be able to keep up with the endless tasks brought on by your new role as a mommy. Laundry will soon overflow, dishes will pile up, and coffee will become a thing of beauty.  Cooking dinner will make you feel like a superhero some day soon, as you learn to prepare meals with a baby attached to your boob.

Remember to give yourself grace dear one. Don’t listen to society on matters of vaccines, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, organic produce (Kale is gross by the way) or even discipline. Learn to listen to your heart sweet mother.

Rest is more important than a spotless home.

Learn to let go of unrealistic expectations. That perfect mother that you’ve imagined behind a white picket fence somewhere doesn’t exist, not even on social media. The big parenting secret that every mother tries to hide is actually quite simple. No one knows what they’re doing. Every mother is learning as she goes and trying to figure things out, just like you. We all survive on grace, mercy, prayer, and a whole lot of coffee.

letter to mom

The best thing you can do right now is enjoy your baby.

Bond with that little blessing God has given you. Sleep as much as you can. Tidy up, but don’t deep clean until things calm down. Don’t pressure yourself to meet anyone else’s expectations, but your own. Remember – Jesus was born in a manger, so don’t worry if your crib is second hand or you can’t afford the latest brands of baby gear. Embrace simplicity mama.

One day in the near future you’ll look back on your days as a new mom and smile. You’ll desperately wish you could go back to that time and soak in everything. So take it from me – cherish every second. Sadly, some day soon you’ll look around to find superhero backpacks and outgrown clothes, instead of baby swings and high chairs that fill your home now. Trust me, the tiny socks, the sticky doorknobs, and the baby bottles are gone all too soon. That sacred newborn aroma that makes your uterus flutter will soon be a distant memory.

I’d give anything to hold my newborn babies again.

So cherish the spit up, the lack of sleep, and all the difficult parts of being a new mom – because soon all those hectic moments will turn to precious memories in your mind. Cherish this stage dear mother, it’s gone before you know it.

7 thoughts on “Letter to a Brand New Mom

  1. Charla says:

    Beautifully written. It helps me to remember those early days which are so special. It’s wise and funny and poignant. Good job.

  2. Chasity Wehrheim says:

    Well said!! I just wish I would have done this as a new mom. I was the one who always tried to look like the great mom next door! Clean house, always cooked supper, clean kids and I even looked freshly groomed… But that was all so exhausting and sooooo not worth it!! Ur message is a truth and a blessing. Enjoy the little things because it will be gone before u even know it!

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