A Letter to My Husband on Father’s Day

fathers day
Happy Father’s Day to all the husbands out there that put their kids first, work hard to provide, and love their wives with passion. Here’s to you…

From the day our kids were born I saw something change in you. You became determined to provide the best life possible for your children. You’re such an encouraging, loving and selfless father. There are just so many things we love about you.. 

You Work So Hard

Every single day you work so hard to give us such a beautiful and blessed life. I never hear you complain as you get up at the crack of dawn, while I sleep in.  You make me feel like a queen sweet husband and for that I thank you.

You Tell Lame Dad Jokes

You sure have embraced the “dad jokes” lately, and even though I roll my eyes and tease you, I really do love your sense of humor. I couldn’t make it through this life without your playful spirit. You truly are the Chandler to my Monica.

You Let All Three Kids Sit on Your Lap During Movie Night

As you know, one of our favorite nights in this house is movie night. Popcorn, blankets, cuddles and probably an Avenger movie or two. It’s such a wonderful way to spend our night. I especially love the way you let all three kids pile on you under a blanket that clearly doesn’t accommodate four people, just to make your kids feel special. You are one of kind babe.

You Encourage Our Kids to Follow God

Nothing is more attractive than a Father who teaches his kids the importance of faith in God. I admire the way you listen to your Bible every morning. I adore the way you speak truth and light into our home. I’m so grateful God chose you to be my husband all those years ago.

I Love the Way You Love Us

I’m not sure I would have believed you if you told me all we’d have to face together in our fourteen years of marriage, but I’m sure thankful that I get to go through it all with you by my side. You love us with a fire, a passion and a loyalty like nothing outside of a fairytale. There is only one way to describe the way you love us, unconditional.

Happy Father’s Day my love, here’s to many more years of movie nights, cuddles and your corny dad jokes.




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