6 Beauty Must Haves For Moms

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I’m a mom who loves all things beauty. I could spend hours in Ulta searching for new products to try. I don’t really follow trends when it comes to fashion, but I sure do love beauty products. My poor husband knows just how much I love beauty by the amount of Amazon packages delivered to our house each month. All mom’s are in need of some pampering, I tell myself as I click proceed to check out…

Here are my top 6 beauty must haves for moms. Enjoy!

Foundation for your skin type

It took me years to figure out the correct make up for my skin type, but now that I have it’s made such a difference with my skin. I have tried so many drugstore and high end foundations only to be disappointed in the way it sits on my skin. It’s either too cakey, too sticky or just blah. I have dry skin and my favorite foundation right now is from IT Cosmetics, it has serum and sunscreen in it and I love the way it feels. It truly feels like I’m not wearing makeup. Just try to avoid my mistakes by determining your skin type BEFORE you purchase dozens of different foundations.

Facial Scrub

Like I said, I have dry skin so a facial scrub is essential in my skincare routine. If I don’t exfoliate my skin every morning my makeup just doesn’t blend into my skin. Dry skin or not, a good facial scrub makes your skin feel amazing and allows your skin creams, and foundation to settle into your skin so much better.

Vitamin C Serum

This is a product I’ve just started using. I mix it in with a little moisturizer and put it on before bed, it feels great and helps with hyper-pigmentation and sun spots. I had no idea I had sun spots until I bought a magnified mirror…so that was no fun, but none the less the serum is really affordable and helps my skin look more even.

Eye Cream

Even if you have no under eye lines, an eye cream is essential for any mom. It softens and hydrates the under eye area and for me really helps with the puffy dark circles that make me look a bit vampire-ish each morning. (Also if you don’t have any lines we can’t be friends) I’ve tried many eye creams and they are all similar, although I tried a sample of the Bye Bye Under Eye Cream by IT Cosmetics and it was life changing, but a more affordable option is the Neutrogena eye cream (linked below).

Quality Brushes

I use a beauty blender to apply foundation sometimes, but on busy mornings I prefer a brush. I also have noticed what a difference it makes when I apply my eye makeup with good quality brushes.  My favorite set is by real techniques (below) and I love how easy it helps me blend my eye shadow, blush, highlight and foundation. I love them.

Dry Shampoo

I never used dry shampoo before I became a mom. That was when I actually had time to devote to showering and self care, who has time to wash their hair now a days anyway? Now I wash my hair a few times a week and use dry shampoo in between. Most use it in the morning and brush it out, I like to use it at night and let it soak up oil.  I use to have really long hair so it helped a lot, now I have short hair and I still use it weekly when I don’t have time to wash my hair. I’ve tried a few different ones,but I’m sensitive to strong smells. My current favorite is not too strong smelling so I’m sticking with that one for awhile. (Comment below if you recommend one that doesn’t smell super strong)


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