Mom Vs. Dad Parenting Styles – Hilarious Truths

mom vs dad

Moms and dads are so different when it comes to their parenting styles. It’s makes me laugh when I compare the two styles side by side. Both parents make a wonderful team when you add them together, but I couldn’t help but laugh a bit at the hilarious truths of Moms vs. Dads parenting style.


Mom – Plays pretend superheroes, chases kids wearing a cape and then asks if the children would like a snack.

Dad – Throws children in the air while they laugh uncontrollably pretending they are flying in a rocket ship. Mom worries while the kids beg for more.









Minor Injury

Mom – Rushes to injured child, rocks them and comforts them until they’re calm. Proceeds to freezer for an ice pack, then it’s cartoons and cuddles for the next hour.

Dad – “Just put some dirt on it, you’re fine.”

Car Rides

Mom – “Who wants to play a car game?”

Dad – Rolls down windows, blasts rock and roll while children dance like maniacs.

Feeding the Kids

Mom – Arranges plate in the shape of a happy face complete with chicken, potatoes, corn and multivitamins.

Dad – “Mom’s out…who wants pizza?”


Dressing the Children

Mom – Picks out coordinated outfit and lays it out neatly the night before.

Dad – Let’s kid pick their own clothes, but can’t find a belt so he uses a shoelace to hold up child’s pants. (True story)

Alone with the Kids

Mom – Cleans the house, starts laundry, bakes cookies and plays cards with the children.

Dad – Has Avenger marathon with the kids, complete with popcorn and candy for lunch.


Mom – Runs around to fetch water cups and favorite stuffed animals. Time to brush teeth, say prayers, read stories and cuddle. Gets up to leave, but child has an itch on his left foot, so she stays for more cuddles and random requests. Once the kids are asleep she cleans the kitchen. Then she lays down to over think and worry for the next two hours. When she finally falls asleep she is immediately awoken by a child calling out for “Mom!”

Dad – Hugs, tickles and kisses kids. “Goodnight, love you!” He falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow, most likely before the children. Sleeps until morning then shouts “Boy, the kids slept great!”


As funny as these truths are, I’m so grateful to have a husband that balances my need to obsessively nurture with his ability to lighten the mood with his fun loving spirit. Thank God he made moms and dads to balance each other. Happy parenting =)

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